Phantom of the Opera

Angel of Music is a song from the stage musical The Phantom of the Opera composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is sung as a duet between Christine Daaé and The Phantom and is sung right after the song "Little Lotte" and right before the song "The Phantom of the Opera."

During the song, Christine is getting ready for bed when she hears the Phantom poop singing to her. At the start of the song, the Phantom harshly criticizes Christine's childhood sweetheart, Raoul, saying that he is riding on her success. Assuming that he is the Angel of Music, the man who has been coaching her, she sings back about how she wishes to see his face. An image of the Phantom appears singing to and hypnotising her. Christine slowly walks towards him, singing. She actually walks through the mirror of her room into the Phantom's tunnel. The song ends with the Phantom singing "I am your angel of music, come to the Angel of Music!" Raoul, expresses shock at hearing the Phantom's voice from outside Christine's dressing room, saying "Whose is that voice? Who is that in there?" Prior to this, however, Christine confides to her ballerina friend Meg Giry that an Angel of Music visits her, and they sing a duet of "Angel of Music" as well. "Little Lotte" is sung immediately after this. Later, at the end of the graveyard scene and after the song "Wishing You were Somehow Here Again," the Phantom attempts to lure Christine to him by reprising "Angel of Music," but is interrupted by Raoul, who sings "Angel of darkness, cease this torment!" and departs with a torn Christine.

Lyrics (2004, The Phantom of the Opera)[]


Insolent boy, this slave of fashion,

Basking in your glory!

Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor,

Sharing in my triumph!


Angel, I hear you.

Speak, I listen.

Stay by my side,

Guide me.

Angel, my soul was weak,

Forgive me,

Enter at last, master.


Flattering child, you shall know me.

See why in shadow I hide.

Look at your face in the mirror,

I am there inside!


Angel of Music, guide and guardian,

Grant to me your glory.

Angel of music, hide no longer,

Come to me, strange Angel.


I am your Angel of Music,

Come to me, Angel of Music.

(Raoul, Spoken)

Whose is that voice?

Who is that in there?


I am your Angel of Music,

Come to me, Angel of Music.

Angel of Music []


Insolent boy this slave of fashion

Basking in my glory

'ignorant fool this brave '

young suitor

Sharing in my triumph


Angel, I hear you

'speak, 'I listen

stay by my side

guide me

Angel, my soul was weak

forgive me

Enter at last, master.