Phantom of the Opera
Cécile Jammes

Born c. 1866
Corps de Ballet

Gender: Female
Death: Unknown
Appears in: The Phantom of the Opera (1911 novel)

Cécile Jammes was a fifteen-year-old member of the corps de ballet in Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the OperaShe is often referred to as ‘‘Little Jammes’’ or simply, ‘‘Jammes.’’ Cécile had a mother who first alerted the corps de ballet of Joseph Buquet’s death.


Cécile was an inferior of La Sorelli, and an equal of Meg Giry.

It was likely that her father was deceased, based on the fact that widowed mothers would commonly send their daughters to the Ballet Academy so that they could obtain a steady income as a dancer.


  • Cécile was mentioned to be fifteen years old.
  • Cécile’s forename is not directly sited in The Phantom of the Opera. However, her mother calls her ‘‘Cécile,’’ so we can assume that is her name.