Wendy Ferguson played Carlotta in 25th Anniversary Concert.

Carlotta Prima Donna "Carlotta Will Be Playing The Lead"

Carlotta is the Opera Populaire's Prima Donna. The Phantom has a dislike for her, as he believes she is taking Christine Daaé's role in the opera house. In the musical, she is shown to be romantically involved with Ubaldo Piangi. For 3 years prior to the musical, she has been tormented by the Phantom. In the novel, her country of origin is Spain, but in the film adaption of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical, Carlotta is Italian and her last name is Giudicelli.


"Get my doggie, bring my doggie. Bye-Bye."

"What do we do now?"



"Grovel, Grovel."

- Carlotta, Firmin, Andre, and Lefèvre 

"Would you not rather have your precious little ingenue?"

(Firmin and Andre look at each other)

"Signora, no. The world wants you."

- Carlotta, Firmin, and Andre

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