Phantom of the Opera

The Christine Daae character as played By Susanna Foster in The Phantom of the opera (1943 film)


Christine was a young singer in the Paris Opera House. Her singing lessons were payed by a mysterious man called Erique Claudin whom was in love with her but never told her so. Christine had no idea that the man was in love with her and that he payed for her singing lessons. When Erique was deformed in an accident he hid in the sewers under The Paris Opera House were he did all he could to further her singing career even if it ment killing people. Christine infact had two other people competing for her love, Raoul D'Aubert (A Dashing Policeman) and her voice coach Anatole Garron. After a complicated series of events were people figured out that Erique was infact the person who had being causing mischeif and mayhem in the opera in order to further christine's career they decided to lure him onstage by playing a piece of his own music. He indeed was on stage but in disguise, while onstage he kidnapped Christine and took him down to his lair beneath the opera. There she unmasked him and was rescued by raoul and Garron , the roof of the opera caved in on Erique but Raoul,Garron and Christine were ok. Christine then said that she had no love for Erique but a kind of pity . Christine went on to become the operas greatest singer but it is unknown whether she choose Raoul D' Aubert or Antole Garron.


The Roof caved in on Erique

The Climax[]

susanna Foster again appeared in the follow up film The Climax as a young opera singer with an amazing voice. She was hypontised by a mysterious man played by Boris Karloff.

Other versions[]

The original script had Claudin being Christine's real father. Even scenes were filmed but were then cut because of the incest theme. Some romantic interest seemed to be implied from Claudin which is partially why the producers changed their mind. So in the current version, CLaudin's affection for Christine is not fully explained. His feelings for her seems both romantic and paternal.

The Radio Version[]

When the movie was adapted for Radio Christine was voiced by once again Susanna Foster.