Suggestions for new pages or edits of existing pages[edit source]

  • Articles about the novel and books inspired by it as well as other adaptions (such as the movie and musical versions of the story).
  • Character pages (remember, every character from each version of the story deserves an article)
  • Categories

Logging in with a username[edit source]

Although you can edit any page on the Phantom of the Opera Wiki even without a username, it is probably better that you create one. Two of the advantages of doing this are...

1. You will be recognized for your work.
2. You will be more trusted, as most often edits from someone represented by an IP address are at first thought to be vandalism.

To register an account, click here.

Signing your name[edit source]

If you wish to sign your name and the date on a Talk page, use four tildes as shown: ~~~~ Also, use colons (:) to indent your messages.

Character articles[edit source]

There is a simple style that is usually used when creating character articles:

  • Use the Character Template and fill in all applicable fields.
  • Bold the name of the character in question the first time it is mentioned in the article. Typing it like '''this''' will bold it.
  • Make sure to link to other pages when they are mentioned. Do this by putting two brackets at the beginning and the end of the word(s). [[Like this]].
  • At the bottom of the article, categorize it. To do this, type the code below:
[[Category:Category Name]]

Of course, you would replace 'category name' with whatever category you want to put the page in.

Images[edit source]

You can use images to illustrate pages where appropriate. Upload by clicking on 'Upload file' on the left side of the screen in the 'Toolbox' section. After doing this you can add your image to any of the pages by using this code:


Contacting the administrator[edit source]

The administer of the Phantom of the Opera Wiki is Cornflower. You can contact her by leaving a message on her Talk page.

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