Phantom of the Opera

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"Pantin at the Opera" is the 37th episode of the children's television series Wishbone. It first aired on PBS Kids November 28th, 1995.


Modern Plot[]

Joe's mother, Ellen, had begun collecting a reference catalog and putting it online, receiving praise and recognition for it. However, her work was interrupted when strange occurrences began happening at the library - the hard copies of the catalog go missing and the library is seemingly haunted by the ghost of the old man who first made the catalog. It's up to Joe and his friends to figure out what's going on.

Phantom Plot[]

Like every episode of show, Wishbone relates the episode's plot to a famous book - this time being The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. The episode is intercut with a recreation of the novel, with Wishbone playing Raoul de Chagny. It is fairly faithful to the novel, though condensed to fit the show's runtime. Some omissions were made, including many of the characters from the book, such as the Persian.


Regular Cast[]

  • Wishbone - Larry Brantley (voice)
  • Joe - Jordan Wall
  • David - Adam Springfield
  • Sam - Christie Abbott
  • Ellen - Mary Chris Wall
  • Wanda - Angee Hughs
  • Mr. Knutsen - James Harrell
  • Officer Krulla - Gil Glasgow

Phantom Cast[]