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La Sorelli was a character ballerina at the Opéra Garnier in Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the OperaShe was known to be blonde and beautiful, and in a relationship with Comte Philippe de Chagny.


In a relationship with Philippe de Chagny
Prima Ballerina

Gender: Female
Death: Post-1911
Appears in: Phantom of the Opera (1911 novel)


Sorelli was in a relationship with Count Philippe, and it is likely she was devastated by his death.

Sorelli was a superior of Cécile Jammes and Meg Giry.


  • Sorelli was mentioned by the Phantom to have a success based on her looks rather than her talent.
  • While Sorelli appeared skeptical of the Opéra Ghost, she was revealed to be the most superstitious of all the ballerinas.
  • Although Sorelli is a major character in the first chapter of The Phantom of the Opera, she is rarely seen after.
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